Tangshan HUIFANG insulation materials Co., LTD.
Established in 1984, is a leading manufacturer of refractory fiber products up to 1700℃. Not only we offer standard refractory fiber products including ceramic fiber, textile, blanket, module, paper, board
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The main products

Alumina fiber, high alumina silicate fiber, pure aluminum silicate fiber

Contact information

The hotline:400-612-5660
Sales advisory tel:186175278889
Product center
Bio-Soluble Fiber Board

Bio-Soluble Fiber Bo...HUIFANG Bio-Soluble fiber .....

Bio-Soluble Fiber Paper

Bio-Soluble Fiber Pa...HUIFANG Bio-Soluble fiber .....

The hotline:400-612-5660 Sales advisory telephone:186175278889 Mailbox:hfbwsxb@163.comhfbwccl@163.com